When summer starts making way for the chilling winter breeze, most people will pack away their sunglasses. There is widespread misconception that sunglasses are meant only for use on sunny days. Without concern what season it is, earth will always keep receiving ultraviolet rays from the sun. So your eyes need protection round the year. Besides, winter come with its own set of additional problems which don’t exist during the summers. You have to protect yourself against glare from the sun, dryness and even snow blindness.

Eye Dryness

Winters come with ever-changing temperatures. So you could regularly face conditions that cause eye dryness. This can cause irritation and redness. Wearing a protective pair of sunglasses can further help in preventing these symptoms. Proper eyewear can block the sunlight containing heat and UV rays that could further aggravate the condition.

Protection from Snow Glare

There is another good reason why you should wear UV- and glare-protective glasses when it’s snowing. If you are going out in the snow, the glasses will protect your eyes from the sunlight reflected by snow. Do you know that snow can reflect almost 80% of sunlight? This enhances the amount of light reaching your eyes by almost double, thus increasing the risk of damage by the same level. Besides, the glare can also make it difficult to keep a constant eye on the road traffic.

Snow Blindness

As already mentioned above, snow can almost double the amount of sunlight hitting your eyes. If that is not concerning, the risks of UV exposure are even higher for those who live in high altitudes or for snowboarders and skiers. Besides, UV rays are even stronger at higher altitudes. Without concern where you are, if you don’t wear protective sunglasses when you are out in the winter months, you significantly increase the risk of suffering from snow blindness.

Snow blindness causes burn in the cornea. It can also result in pain, unclear vision, tearing, and redness. It will almost always make the sufferer feel the presence of sand in the eye, which can last for several days. It can prevent you from working and may even cause permanent damage if not properly treated.

Besides, your eyes need protection from UV rays throughout the year. Most people tend to lower their guard during the winters, but it can only increase the risk of causing serious damages to your eye. Kanda Optical is one of the leading stockiest of sunglasses. You can choose the perfect eyewear depending on the season and the level of UV and glare protection you need.