The term cosmetic eye surgery is used to refer to any surgical procedure that will improve the overall appearance of the eyes. This surgery is not usually performed on the eyes. In almost all cases, it is done on the eyelids or the surrounding tissues.

Cosmetic eyelid surgery (a.k.a blepharoplasty) is the 3rd most popular elective cosmetic procedure in the US.

How effective is blepharoplasty?

The effectiveness of blepharoplasty may last ten years or more. This makes it far more effective than other cosmetic procedures like facelift.

Cosmetic Asian eyelid surgery

The double eyelid surgery which is also called the cosmetic Asian eyelid surgery is a procedure employed to create a crease in the upper eyelids. Most people who get this cosmetic procedure are Asians. Most Asians have a single eyelid that lacks a crease. Caucasians, Hispanics and Blacks, on the other hand, have upper eyelid creases. As many Asians find these creases attractive, they opt for a double eyelid surgery. This procedure gives the impression of a bigger eyelid opening. Also it makes the eyes wider.

The double eyelid surgery involves removing some tissue and skin under the eyelid. Sometimes the surgery is done on both lower and upper eyelids. If you would like to consider this kind of procedure, you should ensure that you are getting it done by an experienced cosmetic eye surgeon or plastic surgeon.

Eyelash extensions

These procedures are usually performed in beauty parlors. Synthetic lashes are attached to the natural lashes with bonding agents. These glues may contain substances that may irritate the eyes. But these problems are usually treatable with prescribed ointments and eye drops.

Other cosmetic eye procedures

Puffy eyes are a ‘big problem’ for many people in their 40s or 50s. This problem can be treated by removing the fat under the eyes.  A drooping eyelid can also be corrected surgically.

Some people also get a cosmetic eye procedure that makes the sclera of their eyes whiter. This will create a bright and youthful look.

Before getting a cosmetic surgery done, you should inquire about possible complications of the procedure. You should also know how long it takes to recover from the surgery. After the procedure, you will probably have to deal with some eyelid bruising and swelling. This may last two-three weeks.

Cosmetic eye surgery requires specialized skills. This is not a procedure that every eye surgeon can perform. Also these procedures are usually expensive and not covered by insurance.