The technology behind modern lenses used in sunglasses and eyeglasses has advanced significantly in the last few years. The lenses available today can be extremely durable and scratch resistant and offer optimal protection against sun’s UV rays. You don’t have to worry if you glasses fall or come in contact with an abrasive surface. They provide protection against UV radiations and glare whether you are driving or sun bathing.

There are different types of lenses available for your eyeglasses or sunglasses. Here are the most common options that you will come across.

  1. Polycarbonate Lenses

These are made to be highly resistant to impact and are ideally suited for those who engage in outdoor activities. If your work involves an environment where your eyewear can get scratched or damaged, it is recommended to choose polycarbonate lenses.

  1. High-index Plastic Lenses

High-index plastic lenses are durable, thin and light. They are designed for being used in eyeglasses with stronger prescriptions.

  1. Trivex Lenses

These lenses are similar to polycarbonate lenses in many ways. Trivex lenses are new in technology. They are highly resistant to impact and are extremely thin. Their vision correction properties could be even better than in the case of polycarbonate lenses.

  1. Anti-reflective Coating

Although this is not a type of lens material, it refers to the kind of coating applied on lenses to help minimize reflections. Make sure to choose sunglasses or eyeglasses with anti-reflective coating. It will help in improving the amount of transmitted light and the quality of the vision.

Another advantage is that anti-reflective coating helps in reducing glare. The technology also makes the lenses seem to be thinner an almost invisible.

  1. Aspheric Lenses

Traditional lenses usually have uniform, spherical shape. Aspheric lenses, on the other hand, can have uneven degrees of curvature on the surface. Because of this, these lenses could be flatter and thinner.

  1. Photochromatic Lenses

Photochromatic lenses have been in use for long time. They are known for their property to change between dark and clear tint when you move between sunlight and indoors. You should choose these lenses if you want to wear sunglasses that also double as your prescription glasses. These lenses can also be coated with UV protection.

  1. Polarized Sunglasses

Polarized sunglasses are designed to help protect your eyes against glare from shining surfaces including water or road. It is recommended to wear them when you are driving. But care should be taken that they could also reduce the visibility of your car’s dashboard’s LCD display.

These are the various types of lenses available on the market. Kanda Optical makes it easy for you to explore the right sunglasses and eyeglasses based on your needs and preferences, and choose them at affordable prices.