Sunglasses can make you look stylish, but there are tons of other reasons for wearing different types of shades. If you thought that you are protected from sun’s radiations in overcast conditions, you should know that you will still be receiving more than 30% of sunlight. Studies have shown that only 1 of 3 consumers know about the damages that UV radiations could cause to their eyes. Similarly only 1 of 4 consumers know that sun’s UV rays can cause cataract. If you are not wearing sunglasses you will be accumulating irreparable UV damage over a lifetime. So wearing sunglasses is much more than about style and looks.

Sunglasses Prevent Sunburn around the Eyes

You have delicate skin around your eyes and they can easily suffer from sunburn if not protected. Sunglasses can help prevent damages to the skin and the eye every time you step out. The damage could cause sun spots, freckles and even increase the risk of skin cancer. Choose sunglasses with larger rims that could provide protection against the harmful UV rays.

No one likes to have wrinkles, leave alone premature wrinkles. When you wear wraparound-styled sunglasses you will be preventing premature aging of the skin around the eyes. This is the area where most people complain about the crow’s feet.

Minimize Glare

Another benefit of wearing sunglasses is that they help reduce glare and the associated harmful effects. The sun’s rays can become more hazardous to your vision when you are on snow, in the water or when driving. There have been numerous incidents when the sun’s glare caused accidents and has been the reason behind headaches. Wear polarized lenses if you are going to drive in the sun or go near water or snow. Specially designed anti-glare sunglasses can protect your vision from the damage caused by sun’s intense rays.


This is one of the more obvious reasons why everyone likes to wear sunglasses. The eyewear can be an elegant fashion accessory that makes you look good. Available in endless colors, designs and styles, you can find sunglasses for different occasions, moods, adventures and outfits.

Thus, there are more than enough reasons to have a pair of sunglasses. They can not only make you look special, they can also protect your eyes. You can choose sunglasses from hundreds of color combinations, almost half a dozen quality materials and in various shapes to meet your requirements.