Many girls who wear glasses are left confused whether to leave their glasses on or to remove them on their wedding day. This question is reasonable, but you must remember that it’s your special day and you have to ensure that you see everything clearly.

Look Your Normal Self – But Glammed-Up

There are so many stylish frames that can make a bride look even better. Yet many brides prefer not to wear their glasses. Your wedding is the day you want to remember for your entire life. Contact lenses are an option, but why not look your normal, every-day self with the right pair?

The most important thing about eyeglasses is that they make you feel more comfortable on your big day – often more than your contact lenses. The right pair of glasses can also glam you up – just an enhanced version.

Think of Your Style

When you plan your wedding dress, that’s exactly the time you should also choose the right glasses to match the overall look and style. The unusual bride can try a bolder cat eye frame. A more romantic dress can be matched with semi-rimless or metal glasses. You may even add some sparkle to your frames.

Retro Look

A retro style can be a cool and simple way to match your wedding dress and eyewear. A vintage-styled dress and a pair of winged, beehive specs can play wonders. Don’t forget to choose polarized glasses. You’ll be in front of the camera and strong light all day!

Remember, your glasses are going to draw more focus towards the brows. Start shaping them at least a few weeks before the wedding. A little care can go a long way to make you feel comfortable and comfy.

Additional Tips

  • Look for frames that perfectly pair with your dress and wedding theme – it may be retro or white.
  • Modern and glossy frames are also great.
  • Clear frames can sparkle your overall looks.
  • With you are going to wear a bold lippie, nothing less than a stylish pair of frames will be required to do them justice.
  • If your hair are going to be up, you should focus on softer texture to contrast your glasses’ texture.

Your eyeglasses don’t have to add a dull and plain look to your ensemble. Be ‘informal’ and add some sparkle and pearls. They can really add more brightness to your face. Above all, getting a pair of new glasses for your wedding is the perfect way to make you feel even more special.

When looking for the right pair to match your wedding dress and overall looks, check the Kanda Optical collection. You can find all styles, colors and textures to make your wedding memorable.