You wear your sunglasses outdoors and carry it everywhere. It doesn’t matter what kind of eyewear you wear and how much protection they offer, it is essential they be taken proper care of. The following tips will help you take proper care of your glasses.

Rinse with Water

Rinse your sunglasses with water before wiping them clean. This will help ensure that that all particles are removed. If you don’t rinse the glass, the dust or dirt will cause abrasive damage to the dry lens.

Choose the Right Spray

When choosing a spray-based cleanser for your glasses, make sure that they are ideal for the eyewear’s material. Avoid all types of cleaners used in households. They have chemicals such as ammonia that could damage the coating on the lens.

Cleansing Cloth

Avoid the use of napkins, tissue or paper towels for drying the glasses. They may seem to be too soft, but all of them have certain amount of texture that could scratch the lens. It is a common practice among many to use the tail of their shirt to cleanse their eyewear. This could also cause scratches on the lens. Besides, the cloth will have some dirt that could end up on the lens.

Dry Carefully

Rather than wiping and trying to dry the sunglasses, it will be better to air dry them. This will also help prevent any particulate matter from depositing on the lens’ surface. If you don’t know how to air dry them, use a clean and soft lint-free cloth for the purpose.

Tips to Protect your Sunglasses

Besides the cleaning part, you should follow these care tips to protect your sunglasses at all times:

  • Make sure never to remove your sunglasses with one hand while holding the ear rails. Most users do this and it can damage the ear rails’ shape and bend them. This is one of the main reasons why the hinges become loose and the glasses frames become lop-sided. You should instead remove your eyewear with both hands.
  • When you remove your eyewear, make sure they are always folded before set down. They should rest on the side of the lens rather than on the face of the lens.
  • When it comes to storing the glasses, always keep them in a protective case. It is also important to wrap the sunglasses in pure cotton cloth.

So follow these tips and to provide proper care to your eyewear. Kanda Optical has all types of sunglasses and eyeglasses, and they help you determine the right pieces for you.