Most people will have a pretty good idea of sunglasses style they want to war. It is the color where you are most likely to get confused. The choice of color not only depends on your preferences, you should also take your skin tone into account.

So find out how to match the right sunglasses with your skin tone.

There are two colors to a pair of sunglasses:

  • The lens
  • The frame

Frames can be made in plastic, metal or even wood, and this can affect the choice of colors.

Lenses are mostly made of glass or plastic, and can have metallic colors and they will usually be mirror lens. The different materials used in making a pair of sunglasses can have different colors.

Do You Have Light Skin?

If you have light skin, it is recommended to choose glasses with darker colors. That doesn’t however mean that you should always choose black!

Brown is also a good option. Else you can also get yourself a pair of neutral colored sunglasses. Even gold is a good option. Dark blue can be another good choice for cool undertones.

Do You Have Dark Skin?

The simplest thing to do with your skin tone and sunglasses is to balance them. You make take it as a rule of thumb, but it’s not necessary you should always follow it.

Wearing light or white sunglasses is good if you have dark toned skin. You should also take the elegant undertones into account. They should also balance with the glasses.

Medium Skin

A medium skin with warm undertones can perhaps leave you confused. It will be best to choose a color that’s medium itself. It will however be better to wear something that is slightly more vibrant.

For example, orange shades can enhance the effect. They can also be more flattering. For cool medium tones, wear a color that highlights the natural pinks underneath. You will find light greens and blues to be almost perfect.

Do You Have Aging Skin?

If you are aging beautifully, you should take some care when choosing a pair of glasses. Purple and red shades can help make your face brighter and give a bolder impression. Avoid frames which are too drab.

So make sure to consider all these points when choosing the right color for your sunglasses.

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