If you are thinking of a unique gift to a friend or a loved one, sunglasses can be a big surprise and something that can make a huge impact. It’s a non-conventional gift, and if you make the right choice, you’re sure to make them feel special.

So how can you choose the right pair of sunglasses to give as a gift?

Consider the Face

Consider the person’s face shape. Everyone has a different shape and they’ll typically fall into a specific category. This is perhaps the most important factor and once you determine this, till become much easier for you to choose the right gift of glasses for your friend.

Consider if the person’s face shape falls into any of these categories:

  • Oval
  • Oblong
  • Square
  • Base-up triangle or base-down triangle
  • Round
  • Diamond

Oblong Face – So if the person has an oblong face, choose something like thick rectangles to balance the face. Wider frames will add more balance and proportion.

Square Face – Square faces should be matched with round-bottom glasses. The sunglasses should have soft edges to flatter the hard lines on the face.

Round Face – A round face will go best with square or rectangle frames.

Oval Face – An oval face offers more options than almost any other face shape. You can gift them almost any frame.


The person’s style is another big factor to consider. Do they like to spend most of their time in casuals or in the formals? Their lifestyle plays an important role in what eyewear they’ll prefer wearing.

Sports sunglasses are perfect for someone who’s’ an athlete or someone who spends a lot of time exercising.

  • Aviators are perfect for the fun-loving and sporty spirit.
  • Fully round lenses go well with the retro style.
  • He adventurous will love mirrored or colored lenses.

Favorite Celebrity

If you know the person’s favorite celebrity, use this information to your advantage. Look for a pair of glasses the celebrity may have flaunted in a famous movie. Some celebrities may prefer a specific style and/or brand. It’s highly likely that the person will also like to wear that style.

So consider all these points when choosing the right sunglasses gift for someone close to you. Kanda Optical offers all styles and designs of sunglasses so that you can make the right choice.