How often did you feel your eyeglasses feeling a little uncomfortable and didn’t know what to do about it? Whether your glasses are new or old, you can make some simple adjustments to get the optimal benefits.

Eyeglasses Parts

Before you start making the small adjustments, it’s important to know the different parts that make your glasses. These are:

  • Temples – This is the section where the long arm attaches to the frame.
  • Bridge in the middle
  • Ear pieces
  • Nosepads – Your eyeglasses may or may not have nosepads

Here are some easy tips to make adjustments to your glasses:

If you have a pair of eyeglasses with nosepads that give you trouble, follow these tips:

  • If the glasses are too high on the nose, push the nosepads slightly apart.
  • If the glasses are too low on the nose, push the nosepads closer.
  • Often eyeglasses become off center or tilted, set them upside down on a flat surface. One temple will be elevated. Adjust it so that it matches the other. You’ll need to use needle-nose pliers. Pinch the corner where the frame and arm meet and move frame up or down based on whether the temple is lifted or not. But do this gently otherwise you may damage the glasses or the frame.
  • If the eyeglasses are too tight or loose, the temples can be adjusted by bowing out or bending in. If the temples feel tight on the side of your head, bend them slightly outwards. But if they are loose at the temples, bend them slightly inward.

If your glasses have a plastic frame or frame parts, you can make adjustments by heating the plastic parts. This can be done using a hair dryer for a few minutes, making it easier to bend the frame.

Many times the frame starts sliding down your face excessively. In such a case, you should bend the earpiece closer to 90-degree. This will help get a tighter fit.

Care with Plastic Frames

As a precaution, you should never bend any plastic frame or plastic parts without heating them first! Remember glasses having plastic frames are not as pliable as their full metal or rimless/semi-rimless counterparts. If you notice that the frame requires lots of adjustments, it’ll be better to get a new pair.

If your glasses are beyond repair or too difficult to adjust because of the risk of damage, you shouldn’t wear them for long. Eyeglasses which are not well balanced can further aggravate your vision. Kanda Optical offers complete range of eyeglasses and sunglasses in endless designs, styles and various materials.