Yoga is renowned worldwide for its many health benefits. There are many asanas or yogic poses that aim at improving the way different parts of the body function. Yoga can be used even to improve eyesight and prevent various problems related to eyes such as hypermetropia, myopia, etc. Approximately 35% of the world’s population suffers from these two eye disorders.

Some of the yogic exercises that you can practice to benefit your eyes include:

  • Blinking
  • Palming
  • Rotational viewing
  • Gazing at nose tip
  • Changing eye focus from side to side
  • Changing eye focus from forward to sideways

Benefits of Yogic Eye Exercises

There are two reasons why yoga eye exercises are considered important. They are:

  1. Weakened eye muscles can cause problems in the future. Exercising your eyes through yoga can help in maintaining and strengthening your eye muscles and keep them flexible.
  2. One of the causes of a tense body is tension in the eyes. With yoga, you can exercise your eyes and relieve tension. This in turn relieves tension from the rest of your body.

Here are some of the benefits that your eyes gain from yoga:

  • It helps in improving your peripheral vision.
  • Naturally, it improves your eyesight immensely.
  • It helps in improving your level of concentration.
  • It significantly reduces the risk of developing eye diseases and other eye-related problems.
  • It helps in relieving strain to the eyes, especially for those who work long hours in front of computers.
  • It provides relief from dry eyes syndrome.
  • It helps in calming the mind.
  • It also helps in increasing spiritual insight.

The Effect of Eye Yoga on Body and Mind

Yogic eye exercises do not only help in improving your eyes. It also has a wonderful effect on the connection between the body and the mind. Experts recommend practicing yoga for the eyes before you begin balancing postures. You will find that your ability to balance has greatly improved. Better vision and ability to focus allows you to balance well and feel the inner peace that the yogic exercises aim to give you.

If you practice yoga, you should start practicing eye exercises as well. As mentioned earlier, you will not only improve eye function, but gain overall health as well. You will feel healthy from your head right down to your toes and you will not need medications or glasses to get rid of any eye-related problems!