There has always been something unique and mysterious about Clark Kent’s glasses. He hid some big secret behind them. You don’t have to have a secret to wear such a pair of retro-styled yet striking themed sunglasses. Many have questioned how a pair of glasses can help create a guise for superman’s true identity. This is what makes Kent’s nerdy yet simple looks so special.

The Nerdy Kent Legacy

Superman is everyone’s favorite specs-wearing superhero. And every time he makes a return, he’s better than ever.  Even though the glasses have remained almost the same over the decades, every new Clark Kent brings a slightly different look.

Christopher Reeve started with his tortoiseshell glasses, which were transformed into the horn-rimmed pair by Dean Kane. Then came the wayfarer with Tom Welling. The latest superman goes contemporary with his identity-hiding mission. He wears a large, thick-rimmed pair of glasses having black frames.

  • Clark Kent – It was not just the Superman role that made Reeve the star. His large-framed glasses as Kent probably played a bigger role in giving him the stardom through the 1970s and 80s.
  • Dean Kane – Then came the 1990s when Dean Kane became the charming Clark Kent. He received a fresher touch with stylish new horn-rimmed pair of glasses.
  • Brandon Routh – Routh brought with him a combination of look and performance that reminded of Christopher Reeve. His glasses created the perfect retro-nerdy combination. Then there was the underlying effect of blue contacts.
  • Henry Cavill – With Cavill, Superman received an entirely revamped look and so did Clark Kent. But the glasses continued to be similar to the last two heroes. While Superman is darker and grittier, some of these features can also be seen in Kent. The only sad thing is that the glasses don’t get a lot of screen time.

With the next Superman edition up for release, Clark Kent has succeeded in hiding his identity even more effectively. As superman has evolved over the decades, so have Kent’s glasses. You can no longer doubt his glasses to provide the perfect disguise. So if you love to add the nerdy look and keep people thinking about you, especially what you are hiding, nothing should stop you from trying Kent-styled eyeglasses and sunglasses.

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