When it comes to choosing sunglasses, most teens will fall for something that looks great. UV protection is almost always the last thing on anyone’s mind. Many may even ignore the need for a perfect fit. Here are some valuable sunglasses tips for teens so that you always choose the right pair that can outlast several seasons.

Perfect Fit is the First Factor

If you are always concerned about the frames leaving nasty marks on your noses, it is a sign that you are not wearing the right fit. So your first priority when choosing a pair of glasses is to find something that perfectly fits your face.

It is best recommended to choose a frame with nose pads. Besides, you should also ensure that the frames don’t rest on your cheeks.

Frames Matching your Face Shape

Always choose a frame that matches your facial features and shape. If you have a round face, choose rectangular frames having straight and clean lines. If you have an angular face, almond and oval frames can help subtle the lines. As a general rule, make sure that the frame is wider than your face’s widest part.

Choice of Color

When it comes to color, don’t just choose something that you like at first look. The most important factor for color is your skin tone. Choose sunglasses with colors that complement your tone.

  • Warm Skin – You have warm skin if the veins look green in your wrists. Brown hues, metallic shades and vibrant colors can work well with this type of skin tone.
  • Cool Skin – If the veins appear bluish on your wrists, you have cool skin. You should choose mute colors, silver and gray hues with this type of skin.

Testing your Sunglasses

When testing your glasses, it is recommended to wear your normal hairstyle and some neutral colors. So you will be able to get a clear idea as to how the sunglasses will look with your normal everyday style.

Among other factors, it is also essential to choose a pair of eyewear having a bridge that balances your facial features. Check the size and design of the frame’s bridge, and make sure it perfectly matches your face.

So follow these tips to choose the perfect sunglasses for yourself. Kanda Optical offers all types of sunglasses to meet your specific needs and preferences based on looks and perfect fit.