When it comes to choosing sunglasses, men are not as specific or meticulous about style as their fairer counterparts are. So if you are not certain about the styles that you should be wearing, the following tips should help you.

The Aviator

The aviator is never going to go out of fashion. The aviators became extremely popular during the 80s and since then their demand has never shown a decline. One of the best things about aviator sunglasses is that you can wear them with any type of outfit. They will typically feature a rectangular rim at the top and round edged bottom.

Clear Frames

Clear frame sunglasses are one of the coolest eyewear you can choose. You can find sunglasses in various styles and shapes with translucent-cum-colored or clear frames. They look contemporary and have a minimalist design. The clear framed wayfarer is the perfect combination of the classic and modern.

Rimless Sunglasses

Rimless sunglasses take their clear-frame counterparts to the next level. They are minimalist and cool, and can go with any type of outfit. You will not have to give a second thought before putting them on. They are quite popular with both men and women, and you will often see sportspersons wearing them.

Round Frame Sunglasses

These sunglasses can have perfectly round frames and lenses or mildly rounded frames. They have a classic-meets-trendy feel to them. Round frames have a well established vintage touch to them and they are always in trend. They are also part of the Steampunk movement.

Classic Frames

Classic frames have always remained in style. Most brands will always have their iconic styles in regular production, many times as special limited editions. You can wear them anytime and with almost any clothes, and they will always look great.

Your Face Shape

Face shape is the most important factor to consider when choosing the ideal shades. It will be best to take a picture of your face and determine your face shape. Choose sunglasses styles that balance your main features. You don’t want to accentuate your strong features but to balance them out.

Also take your skin tone and hair color into account. Some colors can match with your hair and complexion while others can’t. Your hair style and length are also important considerations.

You can make your sunglasses worth investments. Better quality and looks can be more than worth the extra money you could be paying.