Can you improve your vision by exercising your eyes? There is no evidence to prove this. Still, many people practice natural vision correction. As we age, our eyesight gets worse because our ability to focus declines. This is unavoidable to a certain extent. Is there a way to improve vision naturally?

Vitamin E and its effect on Vision

Vitamin E is a highly powerful antioxidant. Its main role in our body is to neutralize oxidation. Because of this several researchers believe that vitamin E has the power to protect certain parts of the eye where oxidation can cause damage. Supporters of this theory believe that by increasing your intake of vitamin E, you can protect yourself from several eye diseases including cataract.

Will glasses make your vision worse?

Some ophthalmologists seem to believe that prolonged use of eyeglasses will make a person’s eyesight worse. At least some of them recommend relaxation techniques.

Exercise for Eyes?

Eye exercises will reportedly make eye muscles stronger and more flexible. One such exercise intends to slow the progression of myopia by tracing an imaginary figure eight with the eyes.

Other Natural Treatments

Some eye doctors recommend nutritional supplements to improve vision. Omega 3 fatty acids, lutein, bilberry and zeaxanthin may help myopia. Acupressure and massages that increase blood circulation in the eyes may also improve vision.

No scientific proof

While there is no scientific evidence that these methods work, several eye doctors claim that they have seen improvement over the years. Some patients who participated in a study conducted in 2004 also said that natural methods like massage,  eye exercises, nutritional supplements and muscle relaxation have helped their myopia. However, when researchers tested these patients’ vision they didn’t notice any difference. So maybe the effect was psychological.

The quest for natural vision correction continues

Still these therapeutic methods have been in practice for decades. That is probably because they don’t harm anybody. Even if they are not effective, they don’t cause any damage, so they are tolerated. In conclusion, there is no evidence that natural methods improve your vision. But if you are still interested in trying natural methods, you should understand that you will have to put in consistent effort. Still, there is no guarantee that your vision will improve substantially.

There are, nonetheless, many things that you can do.

  • Include lots of fruits and vegetables in your diet.
  • Get some exercise. Exercise will improve your overall health.
  • Quit smoking.
  • Protect your eyes from exposure to direct sunlight.

When your general health improves your eyesight will also improve. You will probably still need glasses to correct your vision.