Your sunglasses are important to your overall looks. There are so many varieties available in terms of size, colors, designs and materials that you can always wear shades that perfectly match your outfit. Here are some valuable tips that can help you perfectly match your sunglasses to your clothes.

Sunglasses Texture

Sunglasses are available in various textures, and some textures are perfect match to shorts, while others can be worn with t-shirts or suits. Frames made in wood and bendable plastic are perfect for wearing with casuals. More refined materials are ideal for wearing with formals.

Sunglasses Colors

Consider the shine and the colors and you could easily tell whether they should be worn with formals or casuals. Colors should also be taken into account to decide the occasion when you should be wearing the sunglasses. For example, brighter colors are more suitable for casual occasions, while darker and metallic colors like black and burgundy are perfect for formal events. A good strategy will be to match the colors of the sunglasses and the outfit you will be wearing.

Dark Neutrals

Care should be taken when matching neutral colors – they can easily make or break your looks. Black, navy and brown are perfect neutrals that can be easily paired with almost any outfit – but they don’t go well with pastel colors, unless you want to distract others attention. You can choose beige, blue or grey frames to look different.

Matching Sunglasses to Formalwear

You can wear your casual outfits with almost any type of sunglasses. But when it comes to formals, you have to be careful. If it’s a highly formal occasion, it is best to avoid wearing shades. Besides, formal events are usually held at nighttime – therefore there is no need to wear sunglasses, unless and until you want to look different and stand out from the crowd.

Black sunglasses can be worn with almost anything. But it is recommended not to wear them with white. You can wear black with bright or light tones. They can easily blend into formal and informal occasions, without concern for the frame material and the texture. Another easier option is to choose multicolored frames. They can also be worn with a variety of clothing.

So when you decide to get a pair of new sunglasses for yourself, make sure to keep the above-mentioned points in mind. It will be best to choose more than one pair that could be worn to different occasions.