The right sunglasses can help enhance one’s looks and can be a great fashion statement. Similarly, a business selling sunglasses can also be a beautiful and profitable one.

A Beautiful Business

It’s easy to understand why this is such a beautiful business. You’ll be dealing in all kinds of glasses, in different colors, designs and styles. You’ll have to remain updated with the latest trends.

It’s a Profitable Business

Selling sunglasses is also a profitable business in a number of ways. Besides, the industry has shown massive growth in the last few years. Besides, selling online has its own set of advantage and lesser hassles.

  • Industry Growth – It’s not just the sunglasses, but the sales of frames and even prescription lenses have grown dramatically over the past few years. The industry has a highly promising future and it’s expected to grow even faster in the near future.

Talking of growth, the premium sunglasses collection has seen even higher sales growth. Selling premium glasses means higher margins. Besides, higher quality also means more satisfied customers, who are more likely to return.

  • The Online-Selling Advantage – If you look from the outside, you’ll feel that the online selling scenario is catching up so well that you’ll find lots of competition. But that’s not the truth by any margin. Overall, not even 10% of the retail sales of sunglasses are taking place online. So there’s a massive potential market which is lying untapped.

Promoting this business online is both fun and rewarding. The social media can be a powerful tool, and easy to use too. You can promote your products through an endless array of promotional tools. At the same time, retail eyewear stores also continue to grow at a fast rate. As an eyewear franchisee, you’ll be getting lots of marketing help from the franchisor.

There are prescription glasses, sunglasses, and even contact lenses in this market. The sunglasses segment is expected to go through the highest growth in this industry. This is especially because this segment is the most responsive part in the optical market towards any changes in the economy.

Requires Basic Knowledge

Before you start this beautiful and profitable business, all you need is some basic knowledge of eyewear. A passion for fashion and style can however be of great help.

  • Learn about the different components that make a pair of sunglasses.
  • What are the differences between the different brands?
  • Knowledge of latest technologies in the industry can also help.

As long as you have an interest in the business and some basic knowledge, you are well put to start a franchise of sunglasses.

When looking for the right franchisor for your eyewear business with, its recommended to look for a company that has a wide range of eyewear products on offer. Kanda Optical is one such business with almost unlimited collection of glasses in all colors and styles.