Sunglasses can make you look stylish and help you improve your personality. But it is important to match your glasses with the perfect outfit and accessories to get the best looks. Follow these tips to match your glasses with the right outfit.

Create Consistent Looks

Match your checkered sunglasses with a checkered shirt. When you match the patterns, it helps in maintaining a consistent look. It is not necessary to have a lot of clothes that match your glasses. You can also do with a few items that complement the eyewear. The item doesn’t have to be as large as a shirt. For example, you can match your sunglasses with your green, even if you wear clothes that don’t blend in with the color of the glasses. There are many other smaller accessories that can save you the trouble of changing everything in your wardrobe just to match your glasses.

Matching Color

It is most important to match the color of your sunglasses with your outfit. It is not essential that there should be an exact match between the two. But it is crucial that they complement each other. If you are wearing something green, you can match it with a wide range of green hues for your shades. You can almost never go wrong with this formula.

Frame Color – Another important aspect is to match the frame with your outfit. If the frame is in a bright color, you can take the freedom of even ignoring the color of the glasses.  You can also decide whether to match the frame or the tint with your outfit. For example, you can wear a gray frame with a gray shirt or a brown frame with a shirt of the same frame.

Even if you don’t have the clothes to match your frame, there are many other ways to create ‘harmony’ in your looks. For example, you could match the color of your eyewear lens or frame with any of the accessories. As already mentioned above, you can match yellow glasses with a yellow colored watch. You can wear any color clothes.

So follow the above-mentioned tips to match your glasses and outfit. The key is to create a consistent look and blend the sunglasses in with your clothes and accessories. Kanda Optical offer all sizes, shapes and colors of sunglasses so that you can always find a pair to match different types of outfits.