Do you need to wear prescription glasses? Do you have sunglasses? Whatever type of eyewear you have, they help protect your eyes. Eyewear can be both precious and expensive. Interestingly, it’s easy to misplace them or have them damaged.

Here are 4 tips to follow and they’ll help you ensure that your glasses remain safe and don’t get lost.

1. Fix a Place to Keep Your Glasses

Every time you remove your glasses, make sure they are kept at the same place. It must be a safe and secure place for the glasses. This place can be the computer desk, a briefcase or your bedside table – somewhere no one can accidently sit on it or hit it.

Every time you take them off, put them at the same place. This’ll also help ensure that you’ll know where to look whenever you need the glasses. If you have a pet or kids in home, it’ll be best that the glasses are tucked away in an enclosure.

2. Eyeglasses Retainers

Add another layer of protection for your glasses by getting a pair of eyeglasses retainers. They’ll help ensure your glasses remain securely in place. Even if they come off, you won’t have to worry about them falling to the ground.

If you think a retainer may not look fashionable, you’re wrong. There are so many options available that allow you to match with the frames and with your personal style.

3. Have a Spare Pair for Journeys

This strategy applies well if you are traveling. In fact, every traveler with eyeglasses must have thought it before embarking on a journey.

When you are traveling, there’s an increased risk of losing your eyeglasses. If you do, despite all the precautions, a spare one can always be a ‘lifesaver’ – almost! This can be a relatively inexpensive and not as stylish pair.

4. Maintain a Routine

If you follow a routine with your eyewear, you’ll eliminate all chances of losing them or getting them damaged. How can this be helpful? Whether you remove your glasses for washing your face or for any other purpose, make sure they are kept in the same place. So you’ll no longer be forgetting where you kept the pair.

So make sure to follow these tips and you’ll improve the odds of keeping your glasses safe.

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