Choosing the right sunglasses can be challenging. Most people will choose to wear a certain style rather than choosing sunglasses that fit better. But the key to choosing the perfect sunglasses is to match your face with the right frames and lenses. So if you have a round face, you shouldn’t be wearing sunglasses that fit on a rectangular or diamond face. It is time you stop selecting your eyewear like everyone else.

  1. Round Faces

If you have a round face, think of curves. A round face will have a wide forehead, fuller cheeks and rounded chin. You should choose sunglasses with strong angular shapes. You can choose frames with slight corner upsweeps. This can highlight your cheeks and eyes.

  1. Square Faces

If you have a square face, choose curvy with rounded edges. It will help add more length to your face and make the jaw line appear subtle. Choose round lens frames that expand at the top and narrow down at the bottom.

  1. Rectangular Faces

The key to balance a rectangular face is to wear the right lines. If you want to lengthen the face, wear vertical lines and if you want to widen it, choose horizontal lines. If you have high forehead or narrow chin, choose round frames. Choose lenses with colors that help soften the edges of your face.

  1. Diamond Shaped Faces

If you have a diamond-shaped face, you must be selecting frames that help widen the thinner parts. So if you have high or wide cheekbones, choose rimless and oval frames.

  1. Triangular Faces

If you have a wide forehead and narrow jaw, you have a triangular face. You must wear frames that help broaden the lower part. You can also wear something that draws attention to the eye. For example, aviators with straight top line can be perfect. Round frames can help flatter female triangular faces and rectangular frames can be perfect for men’s teardrop shaped faces.

If you are style conscious, it will be best to research all the shapes and styles available for your face shape and then choosing a style s from the current trends. Besides, make sure that the pair makes you feel comfortable. If it doesn’t fit well and is not perfect, there is no point in doing all the hard work. So consider comfort and the right shape of the sunglasses before you look at the different styles.