You may be looking for a pair of sunglasses for making a style statement or to protect your eyes. The lens color will always be an important choice. Some colors are considered better for some types of activities. Some colors are recommended for people with certain eye problems. Your lifestyle is also a big factor.

So when looking at different lens colors, what you should expect them to do for you.

1. Grey Lenses

Grey sunglasses can create a unique personality. But they also have many practical benefits. They help reduce eye fatigue. The good thing about grey is that it doesn’t interfere much with the natural view. It gives you almost true color perception. You can wear grey sunglasses for any outdoor activity.

2. Roadster Lenses

These color lenses help in blocking blue rays and sharpen your vision. The color can further help in reducing eye strain and enhance visual depth. It is also provides comfort to your eyes.

You can wear these sunglasses while driving or riding or whenever you are on the road. Roadster lenses also help in minimizing glare and eyestrain caused by bright screens, including computers. Roadster lenses are recommended when you have to wear sunglasses for longer periods of time. They are also great for wearing in snow.

3. Green Lenses

A little rebellious, green color can maintain the balance between the moderate and extreme. It helps in reducing color distortion and improves contrast out in the sun. You can wear them for almost any activity.

4. Yellow Lenses

Yellow provides your ample clarity in low-light conditions, haze, and fog. They also help cut out blue light rays and provide enhanced depth perception and contrast. Sunglasses with yellow lenses are recommended for evening driving/riding, indoor sports, and for most eye conditions.

5. Amber

Amber colored sunglasses are warm to the look and give a sepia view. They help enhance vision and block the hazy part of the spectrum. The result is high level of clarity, making it easier to determine shapes.

Amber colors are best to wear in hazy or fogging conditions. These lenses will help reduce glare and are perfectly suited if you live an area where the weather changes often.

Orange and rose tints are also great for low-light conditions. Blue tints on the other hand help in reducing glare and improve color recognition.

Whichever color you choose, you will need to find a store that offers access to endless options in sunglasses. Kanda Optical has a large collection of sunglasses and eyeglasses in any colors, styles and frame options.