Color is most often the first factor that most people think of when choosing their sunglasses. This applies not just to the color of the glasses, but also that of the frames.

Your skin tone and your personal preference are the most important factors to consider here. So here are 4 points that you should look for when choosing the best shades for your eyeglasses frames.

1. What Looks Best on You?

Collect all your favorite pictures of your own and match the colors that look the best on you. This’ll help you notice a unique pattern in your photos, making it easier to choose the color or colors that go best on you. Then you can look for frames with these colors.

2. Your Favorite Shades

You’ll certainly have your favorite colors. It takes some confidence to wear colors that are closer to your heart because this can also mean that they may not match your skin tone, face shape or overall looks that easily.

In fact, it’s much easier to feel more confidence when you’re actually wearing a color you actually love.

So if pink is your thing, you should go ahead with it!

Remember, personal style is more about self expression than anything else!

3. Your Lifestyle

Your lifestyle is also a big factor in making the perfect choice of frame colors. There are in fact frames to suit to different ways of life.

What are the common activities you do when you will be wearing the glasses? Your profession and hobbies can also affect the choice of the color. More stylish and bolder colors are most likely for those with an adventure spirit and related activities.

If you love having fun out in the sun, you can take more freedom with style, boldness, and following the latest colorful trends. Think of frames with more stunning effects.

4. Neutrals for the Confused Soul

Many confused souls are often nervous about following what’s in trend or going with bolder hues. You don’t have to push it! There are so many neutral and subtler ways to have your frames colored.

More classic, neutral hues can go with both your casuals and formals. Some of the examples include burgundy, deep gold, and navy.

Follow these tips and you’ll be able to find the right colored frames for your eyeglasses or sunglasses.