Sunglasses are available in various colors, designs and qualities. While they have become integral part of fashion, they serve another crucial purpose – protecting your eyes. Various types of sunglasses are known for their protective features against UV rays, but the overall protection can be more versatile. Here are the main ways these eyewear can help keep your eyes safe.

  1. Protection against Development of Eye Diseases

Sunglasses are designed to block UV rays and thus help minimize risks of diseases that could blind the eye. Most notably they help prevent cataracts. Cataracts involve clouding the lens causing blurred vision. Studies show that almost 20 percent of cases of cataract are due to exposure to sun’s UV radiations. Protection from ultraviolet rays can also help in preventing the development of various types of tumors of the eye.

  1. Eye Protection during Jet Lag

Wearing sunglasses during flights can play an important role in protecting your eyes. Researchers have come to the conclusion that protection from UV rays when in the air can help minimizes the impact of Jet Lag. This is especially beneficial for people who fly too much or fly long trips too often. The additional protection from ultraviolet radiation in the air is more profound because the sun’s rays can be more harmful at higher altitudes.

  1. Minimizing Chances of Pinguecula

Sunglasses are also known to help prevent the development of pinguecula. It is a non-cancerous growth in the white area of the eye, and can appear in people of all age groups. Researchers claim that it can appear in anyone who spends more time out in the sun in dry climate and without any protection for the eye. Thus, wearing protective eyewear can also help avoid the development of such tissue in the eye.

  1. Protection from Debris

It is recommended to wear sunglasses every time you step out. They will help in protecting your eyes from debris that could otherwise be damaging. Injuries caused to other body parts are easier to heal, but any damages caused to the eye can be highly complicated. Thus, sunglasses can also provide physical protection to your eye.

  1. Reducing Glare

Wearing the right sunglasses while driving can help in preventing glare. Bright sunlight gleaming through the windshield can be blinding and prove to be disastrous when driving. Light may also reflect off the road and cause glare.

Thus, sunglasses play a crucial role in protecting your eyes when outdoors. But if you want to provide optimal protection to your eyes, it is important to choose the right eyewear. Kanda Optical is one of the best places where you can find all types of sunglasses that ideally suit your fashion and protective needs.