Sunglasses are an integral part of the style statement. But that doesn’t mean in any way that you should grab the best color that you come across. You want to wear a pair of glasses that complements your face and personality, and ups your style.

Find out what to wear and how to choose the best style.


Do you stand out for your unconventional spirit? If you follow the hipster subculture, you must already be a style-conscious girl. Go for cat-eye, square or round sunglasses, as they are artsy and cute.


The pilot gives you the classic cool look that is almost unbeatable. Not to mention the practical design that’s made for the cockpit. You will not have to worry about enjoying the view.

You are a Fashionista

The fashionistas make sure that they never fall behind with the current trends. Look for a pair of glasses which are edgy yet fun. Oval, round and cat-eye frames are good options.

Rimless Glasses

Do you want a minimalist look that doesn’t lower your style? Rimless sunglasses with low-profile, light frames can do the work. Semi-rimless can further allow you to lighten up without having to lose style.

Bookworm Look

You don’t have to be a bookworm to flaunt this style. You can make it cute and it can be really attractive and appealing, especially to many men. Go for trendy square or round frames. But avoid those thin rectangle sunglasses.

Square & Rectangle Frames

When it comes to geometric frames, square frames are obviously hip. Rectangle is a straightforward shape that helps you remain classic. It’s also highly versatile.

The Bohemian

For the laid back girl who is not crazy about many things but those big music festivals, the bohemian style is perhaps the best choice. You are proud of your style and you don’t give a damn what others think of it. Cute is the only thing that you think of when it comes to choosing your glasses.

You can up your style with cat-eye, aviator and square frames. No rimless, rectangle or oval sunglasses for you.

Round Face

Girls with round face must choose only square or rectangle frames. It’s about adding angle to your round face. You don’t want to add more roundness, so avoid cat-eye, circular or round frames.

Your style defines you, and with the right pair of sunglasses, you can up it further. Kanda Optical offers complete range of sunglasses in all styles to match yours.