Aviator sunglasses, as the name suggests, were first designed for aviators. They were not only durable, but were quite stylish and appealed to the general masses. Aviator sunglasses help provide additional protection from UV radiations. The current day aviators provide you an elegant way to protect your eye.

Unique Lenses

The initial aviator glasses had flat lenses, but gradually aviators preferred lenses that bulged slightly outwards. It helped them cover a larger view area as compared to the flatter lenses. Even the common users liked the bulging lenses.

Larger Variety of Color and Styles

Today, you can come across and endless variety of aviator sunglasses in terms of colors and styles. Aviators are considered to be durable yet lightweight. If you will be spending more time in the sun, these are the perfect eyewear for you. It is effective in both protecting the skin against tanning and the eyes from the harmful UV rays of the sun.

These sunglasses are also available in different varieties, especially based on different brands. Different brands offer different styles and quality. Silver mirrored lens make the most popular aviators. The other commonly worn colors include smoke, brown, grey, blue and charcoal. Aviators are more about looking professional than about looking colorful.

Aviators with Polarized Lenses

Aviator sunglasses with polarized lenses are considered to be special. They will usually cost more but they are quite beneficial. They help you distinguish between different textures and lines more easily. For example, if you wear Aviator lenses with vertical polarizer lenses, they will help block horizontal light reflecting from horizontal planes.

Aviators with polarized lenses are perfect for driving because they can protect your vision from the glare. Many of the brands are specialized in designing such polarized aviator sunglasses. You can choose from a wide range of shades to suit your style and outfit.

Aviators in Current Day Professions

Gradually, the aviator sunglasses were phased out of professional services but many naval aviators continued to wear them. They continue to be popular with law enforcement departments too. But their popularity has continued to increase among the commoners.

Aviator sunglasses are stylish, reliable and protective. They are unique in their design and can be easily recognized. With a long and colorful history behind them, they have easily become popular with the masses. You should consider all the available options and the perfect fit before making a choice.