Digital Retinal Exam

Our ultra-modern equipment and technology allows us to conduct a Digital Retinal Exam. This is one of the most advanced eye examination tests available that can help us discover and analyze serious issues that may be affecting your eyes.

Our Doctors

Only certified and experienced Optometrists administer courteous and professional eye exams at all Kanda Optical locations. We recommend making a prior appointment for an eye exam. We use state-of-the-art equipment and technology to conduct a thorough eye exam.


Many insurance companies provide plans that cover benefits including eye examinations. If you are covered through any insurance plan, you may qualify for eye exam covered under your insurance. Depending upon your coverage, we can directly bill your insurance company. Please inquire about this in detail while booking an eye exam.

Before you Arrive

At the time of the exam, be prepared to remove your contacts. You may be asked about any medications you are on and any medical conditions you may have. If your eyes are to be dilated for the exam, you could need a ride home.