You are always serious about protecting your kid’s skin by applying sunscreen. Similarly, you should also encourage them to wear sunglasses to protect their eyes. There is a widespread misconception that kids and sunglasses don’t go well together. But the fact is that it is more important to protect your child’s eyes than yours.

The Stats

A child’s eye is too delicate and sensitive. It allows 70% more UV rays than your eyes to be transmitted inside. Make sure to get your child a pair of sunglasses that provide more than 99% protection from UVA and UVB radiations. Check them for specifications – they should block UV absorption up to the hazardous spectrum. It is usually up to 400 nm.

If you don’t provide adequate protection to your child’s eyes you must know these points – the cells in the eye never get replenished, repaired or replaced. So the damages to the lens protein will keep accumulating with time.

Kids Spend more Time Outdoors

On an average, children spend more time outdoors. This makes it even more important to provide them additional protection. At the same time, they will spend more time out in the water, on the pavement, on snow or on sand – surfaces that reflect intense rays and can cause instant damage to the cornea. If your child is wearing sunglasses, you will not have to worry about the hazards. It is common for kids to look up in the sky – more than adults. And you cannot do much about it, rather than making sure that they wear highly protective sunglasses.

Let your Child Choose the Colors and Designs

Once you have chosen the right specifications, let your child select the color and design. Allow them to choose their own sunglasses and they would be more than pleased to wear them every time they step outside. Kid’s sunglasses aren’t just meant to be worn at the beach. Every time your child goes outside, he or she should adorn a pair of eyewear. It will be better to have the glasses held in their place with elastic straps or a loose-fitting strap that helps keep the eyewear hanging around your child’s neck.

So if you have any perceptions about not getting your child a pair of protective sunglasses, it’s time to change it. Your kid’s eyes need protection and you cannot afford to take any chances. Make sure to get him/her an elegant pair of eyewear with lenses that provide 100% UV protection.