Summer is here and it is time to protect your eyes from the sun’s harmful rays once again! This year’s hottest trend is cat eye sunglasses. They are stylish and will give you an air of mystery the moment you put them on. Many women are scared of trying this new trend as they are worried that this style of sunglasses will not suit their face-cut. If you are one of them, stop worrying because you can carry off cat eye sunglasses no matter what face-shape you have. All you need to do is try out different ones!

Tips to Choosing the Perfect Cat Eye Shades for Your Face

With the following tips, you can wear a stylish pair of cat eye sunglasses and look fabulous all day! Here is a little guide to help you buy the best pair for your face-shape:

  • Round: If you have a round face and do not think cat eye sunglasses will suit you, try an oversized one! When you have full cheeks and face, a large pair of cat eye shades will complement your features perfectly. You may have thought this style of sunglasses will not suit you but now you know you can rock this hot trend this summer!
  • Square: If you have a square-shaped face, wear cat eye sunglasses that are wide. Highlighting your cheekbones and eyebrows will also go a long way in completing your chic look. You will definitely look amazing this summer with your trendy cat eye shades!
  • Diamond: This is a fantastic face shape to have if you want to wear loads of cat eye sunglasses this summer. You can wear any type of cat eye shades, whether they are oversized or designed with prints. You can also carry off wearing those that come with either thin or thick frames. You can have loads of fun looking stylish with cat eye sunglasses with this face shape!
  • Oval: If you have an oval-shaped face and want to try out this summer’s top trend in sunglasses, you can do so by wearing cat eye sunglasses that have a vintage touch. Opt for cat eye shades that are simple yet sleek so that you get that old Hollywood look that is always chic!

You do not have to worry about missing out on summer’s hot trend, cat eye sunglasses. No matter what face-shape you have, you can be sure that you will look absolutely fab with your cat eye sunglasses!