When matched the right way, sunglasses and your beard can create a killer effect. If you have facial hair, you will have to be extra careful as to what you choose to wear on your face. You may have a full beard or just a moustache, matching looks with sunglasses requires some care.

Types of Facial Hair & Sunglasses

This guide will help you choose the right pair of sunglasses based on your facial hair and your style.

  • Stubble – Do you have a stubble? Choose angular or square frames because they will add more definition to your face. It’s a classic look, so get yourself a thicker classic shape of sunglasses.
  • Full Beard – If you have a full and dense beard, choose a pair of thin framed glasses. Aviators can make a great choice.
  • Standard Beard – When you have the standard beard, your face gets a more longer and oval-like shape. A pair of sunglasses with angular frames should do the job. Make sure they are wide to match the increased size of your face.
  • Soul Patch – Most of the soul patches are pointed or squared off. They will usually have some geometric shape and you should try and contrast them with round framed sunglasses. It will be best to look for tear drop shaped glasses.
  • Rap Industry Beard – It is thin and has angles. So wear a rounder and thicker frame that complements your beard.
  • Goatee – This type of facial hair makes the chin seem rounder and larger. It will be best to match them with rectangular aviators.
  • Van Dyke – Sharper angles over the goatee and moustache mean they need to be complemented with your sunglasses. Choose a thick and round frame that will also create a contrasting effect to the clean cheeks.
  • Classic Moustache – If you have the standard, classic moustache, wear a pair of browline glasses with metal underlining and thicker top. Aviators are not recommended because they can give you the cop-like look.
  • Zappa – Choose a round-framed pair of glasses that complements this rockstar moustache.
  • Handlebar Moustache – Look for sunglasses that further enhance this look. Browline glasses make good choices, and you can try a variety of color combos.

Follow these tips and you will be ensuring that there’s never a mistake.

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