Light sensitivity is one of the most common triggers of migraine. You can fight off this problem effectively by wearing the right pair of glasses.

Light Sensitivity as Trigger & Symptom

What makes migraine so complicated is that light sensitivity can be the trigger and also be the symptom of the condition. But with the right pair of eyewear, you can make your life easier by reducing these effects.

On the other hand, you don’t want to make the wrong choices when choosing your glasses!

There are many colors which are perfect for your light sensitivity. Such colors also make it more comfortable to read.

But there are lens colors that can trigger migraine attacks. Unfortunately, there is no rule of thumb that says what color you should wear and what to avoid. Migraine is unique to each individual and you will have to check different colors before making the right choice for yourself.

Migraines can also be triggered by repetitive actions like flickering light.

Pale Blue Lenses

Many studies indicate that colored lenses can be effective in “damping down” the impact of light that triggers migraine. Pale blue lenses, for example, have been found to help prevent migraines in many people.

When you wear colored lenses, they help in redistributing the brain excitement that takes place when there is a trigger. Wearing colored eyewear can help in reducing brain hyperactivity that occurs due to the trigger.

Studies show that some colors can also trigger migraine similar to flashing light triggering seizures in those with epilepsy. This will depend on the way your brain works. Researchers are still studying how color affects the brain.

Light Sensitivity Tests

There are light sensitivity tests for other conditions like Irlen Syndrome and epilepsy, but scientists are still study the factor in migraine. The color that works for you may not work for another individual. Once you have tested a number of colored lenses and found the one that’s best for you, you will feel more relaxed and reduced risk of attacks.

As a general guide, it is recommended to choose colors that help dampen the lights around you, even the indoor lights. Brown, for example, is often found to be a positive lens color for light sensitive migraineurs.

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