When it’s time to get a new pair of sunglasses, you must consider a number of factors. Most people will start with their face shape and the choice of the color. But there are many more things that you should not miss. This includes comfort, your eyes and nose, the style, and the need for UV protection and polarized glass.


There’s no denying that you want to wear a pair of sunglasses that look the best on you. They should also be comfortable. To start with, the glasses must match your face’s size. Different people can have different comfort levels. It will take some research to find the perfect combination of looks and comfort. Try the sunglasses to determine how you feel.

Your Face Shape

Matching the glasses to your face shape will address both the issues of comfort and looks.

  • Wider Face – Look for glasses with lighter temple.
  • Narrow Face – Choose a pair of sunglasses with heavy temple.
  • Long Face – Look for glasses with deeper frames.
  • Short Face – Look for a pair of glasses with shallow or narrow frames.

Your Eyes & Nose

Before you buy any pair of sunglasses, make sure they also match your eyes and nose.

  • Wide Set Eyes – Look for a wider frame. Choosing a heavier bridge will further help in making your wider set eyes seem close set.
  • Narrow Set Eyes – Look for frames having wider and lighter bridge. This will help in making your eyes seem to be set further apart.
  • Long, Pointed or Hooked Nose – Choose a pair of sunglasses with a low bridge. This will help in making your nose seem shorter.

Sunglasses Style

There are so many styles to sunglasses. They can be neutral and plain. They can be bright colored and may have wings. Most physical stores will usually have the most popular styles in their collection. But some stores are able to give you endless options when it comes to choosing the right style that suits your personality and preferences.

Polarized Glasses & UV Protection

Looking for a polarized pair or UV protection may not be as fun as checking the style and color. These factors have more practical purposes and you can find glasses of all colors and styles that provide these types of protection.

Polarized lenses help in minimizing glare and the damages that can be caused by it. This will help you get a better view, whether you are driving or out in the sun. Usually, polarized lenses with have a tag.

UV protection is extremely important because this aspect addresses and protects your eye health. Look for glasses that offer true 100% UV protection. They will both protect your eyes and the skin and around.

Coming to color, it’s up to you to choose anything based on your likes.

It is recommended to consider all the practical factors along with your style quotient and need for color before choosing the right pair of sunglasses. Kanda Optical brings you complete range of sunglasses so that you can choose based on all these  different factors.