Sunglasses are more than just a fashion accessory. They are an essential accessory that anyone who spends time outdoors, young or old, should have. Your eyes need protection from the harmful rays of the sun so that various eye diseases and cancer can be prevented. Sunglasses give you this protection. Sunglasses also reduce the sun’s glare and this keeps you from squinting too much and your eyes from watering. When you wear sunglasses every time you step out of your house, you make sure that your eyes stay healthy.

Tips to Buying the Right Sunglasses

When you are shopping for sunglasses, there are certain things that you need to take into consideration so that you make the best buy. Buying a pair of stylish sunglasses is not the most important thing; you need t consider other qualities as well.

  • UV Protection: The sunglasses that you buy should block out 99 to 100% of UV rays. They should also provide protection from UVA and UVB rays as they can damage your eyes. Always look for shades that have a label that says “UV 400” as they have the ability to block out rays that have wavelengths of 400 nanometers.
  • Tints of Lenses: The best sun glare protected is provided by polarized lenses but many people choose to buy sunglasses with tinted lenses. These tints are applied to the lenses of shades as they help a lot in absorbing light when it passes through them. Gray, brown, green, yellow and rose tinted lenses are the best colors to opt for when you are buying sunglasses with tinted lenses.
  • Protection Provided by Polarized Lens: Lenses that are polarized are an important factor to consider when you are buying sunglasses. It is not only the fact that they make the environment darker but also that they help in reducing the glare from surfaces such as snow, water and glass. They are ideal for certain sports as well as driving since they can help you see more clearly.

Having high-quality sunglasses is important as they help you see better and more importantly, protect your eyes from all the damage that harmful rays of the sun can do. Taking good care of your eyes is essential and one way of doing just that is by buying a good pair of shades. When you are shopping for them, do not be in a rush and choose one wisely.