Fashion sunglasses are well known for their originality. Choosing between aviators and wayfarers is one of the biggest challenges for sunglasses aficionados. There’s so much difference between them, yet both can be irresistible. The classics are now available in so many colors, styles and designs that there’s no limit to the temptation.

So, how to choose between the two?


Many legendary aviators have made a comeback in recent years. They may be different in terms of their modest and conservative designs, it is the kind of trend that can add a lot to your personality. Practice and easy to use, you cannot ignore them.

When choosing Aviators, it is important to ensure that they suit you. They have been there long before the Wayfarer created ripples in the sunglasses market. First introduced to the fighter pilots, these glasses have continued to be popular over the decades, embracing the latest technology.


The main features of Aviators are as following:

  • Aviators are recognized by their dark lenses, which are often mirrored.
  • They can be large enough to cover up to 3 times the area of your eye.
  • They have a timeless appeal to them.
  • They are lightweight and sleek.
  • Aviators are recognized by their metal frames, ear pieces, and nose bridge.
  • They have amazing glare-blocking benefits.

The best thing about these glasses is that they go well with almost all face shapes. Aviators are designed to make you feel comfortable all day and enjoy clear views.


The latest trends with wayfarers include ombre effects from lighter to dark shades. The Wayfarer-trend actually caught up on the 80s, with most of the world’s leading movie stars and even trendy politicians flaunting them as part of their personality.

A common thing to both Aviators and Wayfarers is that both look great on almost all face shapes. It was the Wayfarers that started the trend of the ear-pieces, which has become so common today. It was a trend in its time.

But there’s so much unique to the Wayfarer. It is the iconic shades style and is especially for the revolutionary spirits. It’s not just stylish, it’s also practical and compact.

Nowadays Wayfarers are available in so many lens combos and modern colors. You shouldn’t be surprised to see them in sorbet pastels. White frames are also a big break-off from the more conventional.

Whether Aviators or Wayfarers are your thing, you can find complete collection of these sunglasses in endless styles and colors the Kanda Optical.