Sunglasses, just like makeup, help in drawing attention to your face. But it is important your makeup and glasses match each other. Otherwise, you could create a mess. Here are 6 valuable makeup tips to look perfect when you go out in your glasses.

1. Match the Lips & Glasses

If you are wearing stylish glasses, match them with bright and bold lip colors. Bright pink, coral and red can be perfect. It will help transform your face and thicker frames will ideally match with bold lipsticks.

2. Match the Frames

It can always be fun to match the eye shadow color with the frames. The frame color must always compliment the makeup. So if you are wearing warm-toned lipstick or eye shadow, the frames should also have similar undertones. This will create balance on your face.

3. Glasses & Under-Eye Discoloration

Apply corrector and concealer under the eye using a brush before blending it with the fingers. It should be applied only on the dark area. Then apply the concealer in the area, but make sure the brush is cleaned after applying the corrector. You can also apply slightly glistening highlighter over the under eye area. It can help in brightening up things.

4. Mascara & Frames

Use mascara or eyeliner for balancing the frames and your eyes. They help in defining your eyes. It is recommended to use waterproof makeup, as they will help in avoiding smudging.

5. Prevent Makeup from Getting on the Frames

Your makeup can have various types of chemicals. So blot away all the excess makeup to prevent it from getting onto the frames. It should especially be removed from the cheeks and nose bridge, because the glasses rest on these facial features.

Many times the foundation ends up on the glasses due to excess amount of foundation/moisturizer from the beginning. It is recommended to create thin layers to prevent this. You can remove the excess foundation by using a makeup sponge and rolling it over the cheeks and bridge. It will give you a more refined look.

6. Thick Frames & Thick Lines

If you are wearing thicker frames, draw thicker lines using your eyeliner. It is important to create balance between your makeup and sunglasses. So thick framed glasses must be matched with thick eyeliners.

Follow these 6 tips and you will be able to get the perfect looks when applying makeup. Kanda Optical is one of the leading suppliers of all types of sunglasses and eyeglasses. You can find the perfect set of pairs for different moods and occasions.