It’s so easy to take your eyes for granted. And most people do. It doesn’t need to be emphasized how important your eyes are. There are only a few simple things that need to be done to ensure healthy eyes for years and for decades. It will be best if these steps become a routine.

Your Annual Eye Checkups

Start with the annual eye exam and make it a routine. You want to ensure that you know how your eye health’s doing. This can have a big impact on what glasses you choose to wear. Most people don’t know that there’s something not right with their vision. So when you choose your sunglasses you will be able to make the right choice – a pair of lenses that not only help boost your style, but also correct your vision.

Protect Your Eyes from Sunlight

You should never underestimate the importance of sunglasses and glasses for protecting your eyes. When choosing a pair of glasses, make sure they are protective. Style and colors are important but they should be seen as secondary factors. Start with the UV protection and polarized lenses.

Look for glasses that match your style, shape and color requirements but offer 99% to 100% UV protection – against both UVA and UVB rays. Also make sure that they have polarized lenses. This will help eliminate glare and make it easier to view even in difficult conditions. Polarized lenses will also help in protecting your eyes.

Get Your Regular Vitamin A Dose

Almost everyone knows the importance of carrots and vitamin A for vision. This vitamin is greatly beneficial for the cornea. It can also help minimize the risk of various eye conditions. It will be best to get the advice of your doctor before you add vitamin A to your diet.

However, you don’t need to consult your doctor for including fruits and vegetables in your diet. Start taking greens like spinach and kale. They are loaded with zeaxanthin and lutein – two great antioxidants for your macula. They help in absorbing blue light that could harm the retina.

Give Proper Relaxation to Your Eyes

Your sunglasses with UV protection and polarized lenses can be your best friends when you are outdoors. You can add more eye-healthy fruits and veggies to your diet. But also make sure that you give proper rest to your eyes. Don’t strain them too much. Avoid computer use for long hours. This also includes any kind of other screen.

If your work involves sitting at the computer, make sure to take a break every 15-20 minutes. During the break look at objects in the distance. You could even do some eye exercises. Besides these things, keeping your weight under control, avoiding or controlling diabetes, and avoiding smoking are also important steps to keep your eyes healthy.

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