The latest summer trends in men’s sunglasses show that there’s a growing spirit for experimenting with the tradition. But there’s something common among them all – to look cooler than ever.

So if you want to know what the latest trends are in the world of sunglasses, here is a brief list of the top choices.

1. Sporty Wrap-Arounds

The sporty wrap-arounds are doing the rounds this summer. They can be readily recognized by their curves and sweeping shape. They are the normal eyewear for sportsmen, but the trend has caught with many others. Wrap arounds provide more eye coverage, and can be of great help when you are enjoying a sport. But that doesn’t have to be the only reason to wear them. You can choose them in even bolder colors.

2. Vintage & Round Frames

These vintage sunglasses can be identified by their curved frames. The wide frames are circular and give you that classic vintage look.

You can also wear them if you have an oblong, square or heart-shaped face. Their metal shapes give you the look and feel of the 70s. The small frames on the other hand give you the 90s look.

3. Oversized Aviators

This is one style that never seems to subside. You can pair them with even the simplest outfit to get the coolest look. What makes the Aviators special is that they blend the classic and sporty perfectly.

But the new aviators do have their touch and feel of being modern.

4. Clip-on & Slim Metallic Frames

Many men like to wear clip-on that give them the best of both – eyeglasses and sunglasses. These glasses are also making a comeback, with a touch of vintage and modern looks. Just remove the clip-on and you have an entirely different pair of glasses.

5. Heavy Browline Glasses

You can find a heavier browline in the latest version of the club masters. These retro semi-rimless frames are more masculine and thicker. They are bolder than the normal club masters, which is a change in the classic shape.

It will be best to start wearing them before the trend becomes too commonplace.

These 5 men’s sunglasses trends are taking the summers by storm and you don’t want to look ordinary and drab.

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