Your face draws more attention than any other body part. So sunglasses will easily draw everyone’s attention, making it important that you match them well with your outfit. When it comes to fashion accessories, most men will have difficulty deciding what is right and what is not. You may go with your mood and not care how you look, or you may follow these 5 rules for wearing sunglasses.

  1. Match your Sunglasses and Outfit

Usually, you will be advised to match your shades with your outfit, but it can be even more important to get your footwear and sunglasses going well. Then you can determine whether the shades match your dress or not. If you want to create a more classic look then wear neutral colors like grey, brown, and black. You can experiment with other colors if you want to flaunt a more casual look.

If you are going to a formal event, you don’t want to look like a skydiver. Black or metal frames are perfect for wearing to business events. You can look adventurous if you are heading out for a backcountry outing or a day with friends.

  1. Consider the Size

You love to wear bigger sunglasses because they can be so fashionable. But it is more important to set a balance between your style and the size of the eyewear. You don’t want to look awkward if you can’t set the balance, so it will be better to stick with sunglasses in normal size.

So how to wear the right sized sunglasses. As a simple rule, wear large sunglasses if you have a large face and a smaller pair if you have a small face.

  1. Wear Sunglasses Outdoors

Sunglasses are meant for wearing outdoors, not indoors. You may be part of the men’s club who think it’s normal to carry around their cool looks indoors as well. If you want to put off some people you don’t like or if you really want to draw attention, the indoor trick can be helpful.

  1. Wear your Shades during Daytime

It is recommended not to wear your shades after dusk. They are your sunglasses and meant to be worn when the sun is out. You shouldn’t be wearing them in the dark, else you will easily stand out as an oddity. If you love it that way, no one should be stopping you from trying the shades at any time.

So keep these tips in mind and you will be doing great in your sunglasses.